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Announcing the new emoticon features!

May 29, 2013

We’re pleased to announce the roll-out of new emoticon features for Plurk! First of all, the emoticon selector has been revamped:
New Emoticon Selector
We hope you like the new interface!

At Plurk, we believe that people often envy other’s custom emoticons they see on the timeline, and would want to use them on their own. In the past, this would require copying the link address of the emoticon, and re-adding it again. Uber-troublesome, we know — that’s why we are announcing the immediate availability of the new Emotiland feature, where you can browse the latest and the hottest emoticons at Plurk — and most importantly — add emoticons to your liking with a blink of an eye. To get to Emotiland, click the red button in the emoticon selector:
Emotiland Button
…right you’ll be in Emotiland!
Whenever you see an emoticon you like, just click on it, confirm, and the emoticon will be added to your collection.
Emotiland -- Hover to Add

Needless to say, we couldn’t but marvel at the creativity of the Plurkers when we see all these emoticons!

With the new features rolled out today, you may directly add custom emoticons from the timeline besides doing so in Emotiland:
Hover to add emoticons from Timeline Click to add emoticons from Timeline
Just move your cursor over the desired emoticon, click, confirm, and that’s it! It’s in your list of custom emoticons now.

Additionally, the old interface of adding an emoticon by link addresses or uploading files is now integrated in Emotiland:

We believe these new features will enable Plurkers to discover more emoticons in Plurk. After all, isn’t custom emoticon one of the features all of us can’t live without at Plurk?

At the same time, we have two reminders/tips for everyone regarding the new features:

Tip 1: As we revamped the emoticon selector, current browser extension/plug-ins related to Plurk emoticons (such as PlurkCustoms and RPlurkSmileys for Google Chrome, or Plurk Smile for Firefox, or PuTong) may be incompatible with the redesigned interface. Therefore, if you have such browser extension/plug-ins installed and you encounter problems with Plurk, we recommend you disable the extension/plug-in in question.

Tip 2: One Plurk account may have a maximum of 60 custom emoticons. (This is not a new limitation, but we think it’s worth mentioning again.)

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to tell us!

Posted by johnlu
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