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Wishful and Joyful Year of Snake 2013 to all Plurkers!

February 7, 2013

Happy New Year, all Plurkers!

The Lunar New Year of Snake is coming and many of our Asian Plurkers are celebrating it. In celebration of the Year of Snake, Karma will not be deducted during the period of the Lunar New Year (Feb 9th, 2013 – Feb 17th, 2013). This applies to all Plurkers!

That said, during this period, if you’re not login or posting on Plurk, your Karma will not be deducted. But you’ll still get your Karma increased if you are using it as usual.

Note that if you’re trying to spam others, abuse on friending, or blocked by other plurkers, posting spam messages, your Karam will be still deducted and your Plurk account could be banned according to our Terms & Privacy Policy.

Posted by danny
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