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What is Anonymous Plurk?

January 21, 2013

There’re times when it’s hard for someone to reveal his identity in real world or even online and share their personal stories or exchange thoughts.

There’re times you have to pretend you’re someone else. 

We knew that. We’re going to introduce a new Anonymous Plurk feature that allow the community to do it anonymously.

We’ll be releasing it for public beta sometime this week. Please do test it and let us know if you’ve seen any problem using it. We’ll strive to fix it as soon as we can.

What is Anonymous Plurk?

Anonymous Plurk is plurks posted anonymously by Plurk users. Your Plurk identity will not be revealed to anyone who can see your anonymous plurks.

How can I post an Anonymous Plurk?

  • You’ll be qualified to post anonymous plurks (and see anonymous plurks posted by others) if you have at least 10 friends at Plurk.
  • Every qualified one can post up to 3 anonymous plurks each day

Here’s the how-to:

  • Choose ‘whispers’ as your qualifier

Choose 'whispers' as qualifier
» Choose ‘whispers’ as qualifier

  • A tooltip below the input box will show up.

» Tooltip indicating this is an anonymous Plurk

  • Edit the message as you do normally on each plurk.

You don't have to worry about revealing your idendity

» You don’t have to worry about revealing your idendity

  • Your contacts will see your plurk posted anonymously.

anonymous plurks on timeline
» Anonymous Plurk as seen on your timeline

You might wanna know…

1. How is Anonymous Plurk presented to my contacts?

Every Anonymous Plurk will be auto-associated with an official Plurk ID called: @anonymous without revealing your Plurk identity.


2. Only original author of Anonymous Plurk can edit and delete.

Once you’ve posted an Anonymous Plurk, only yourself can edit and delete it from your timeline.

3. Privacy Options

Anonymous Plurk derives your timeline privacy setting under My Account > Privacy. If you set your timeline to private,then only your friends can see and like anonymous plurks posted by you. Only anonymous plurks posted on public timeline can be replurked.

Anonymous Plurk

» Anonymous Plurk

4. Responses are not anonymous

Your responses to Anonymous Plurks are of course not anonymous. 🙂

Replurking An Anonymous Plurk

» Replurking An Anonymous Plurk

5. Synchronization to other social networks? 

If you have set to sync your plurks to Facebook or Twitter, please do note that your anonymous plurks will not be sync’ed to these social networks. 🙂

6. Anonymous Plurks is only available on your PC.

You can only post anonymous plurks through your PC browsers and they cannot be private plurks.

Updated Q&As:

Q: What is Anonymous Plurk? I don’t wanna see the plurk from @anonymous – someone I don’t know appear on my timeline.

A: Anonymous Plurk allow you to post plurks anonymously to your friends and followers. The Anonymous Plurk’s is from one of your friend but will be rendered as ಠ_ಠ (@anonymous) with a different color of nickname.

Q: There could be a lot of potential for abuse here. How can we report an abuse by not knowing the poster of the plurk?

A: Please report them through Contact Plurk if you have found any abuse. Note that our Terms of Service applies to Anonymous Plurk too. By posting anything that might violate our TOS will get your Plurk account banned.


Q: I’m a developer. Will the Anonymous Plurk be available through API as well?

A: For API developers, we only support read-only capability for Anonymous Plurks for now. An anonymous plurk will have “plurk_type” as 4 and “owner_id” as 99999.
We will support API 2.0 to post anonymous plurks in the future. Before that, it is not allowed to use “whispers” as qualifier while composing plurk from API.

Posted by danny
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