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Things to do when Plurk is down

February 23, 2012

Many of you will have noticed the outage we’re currently in the middle of at the moment. Whilst I, as a simple Plurk user, cannot explain why the site is down, I have realised the blog (and my access to it) *is* still working. And so, I present to you my list of alternative things to do when Plurk is down. *sob sob*

  1. Write a passive-aggressive blog post on the actual Plurk blog about Plurk being down. 😉
  2. Complain about Plurk being down.
  3. Use *ahem* alternative websites to discuss Plurk’s downtime.
  4. Use alternative websites that allow you to pin images until you can pin no more.
  5. Do some boring household chores.
  6. Go for a walk in the hope that Plurk will be up again when you get back.
  7. Dance badly.
  8. Fall over.
  9. Watch cat videos and think, “I’m going to share this on Plurk! Oh, wait…”
  10. Pretend to be a mature, responsible adult who does not need social networks to communicate feelings every single second of the day…

Oh, who am I kidding? Please, Plurk, stop being a jerk and just work!


Rammi <3

Posted by Rammi
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