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January 24, 2011

My name’s Josh Lawrence and I’ve been a Plurk addict for a little over two years now (http://www.plurk.com/joshlawrence). One of the most fun things that’s happened to me on Plurk is getting crazy song ideas from my Plurk friends. I have a music podcast (Mozomedia Music’s Two Song Shot), one feature of which is inviting people to request custom-made songs. A listener can submit a song title and what they’d like the song to sound like, and I and/or my musical collaborator Karl Eifrig may make their request into a song for the next podcast. Several times I’ve asked my plurk buddies if they had any requests for custom-made songs. They have not disappointed!

For instance, Mr San from New Zealand recently requested a song titled “Mr San’s World Tour” to commemorate his upcoming vacation, which has stops literally all around the world (actually, at the time I’m writing this, that trip’s no longer upcoming – it has begun!). Using his vacation itinerary, I (performing as JJ Sonick) made this song:


Kai Balbin from Orange County, CA requested a song called “Diwata” (Filipino for ‘goddess’ or ‘fairy’), suggesting the song sound like “maybe sigur ros meet radiohead meet the album leaf/roots of orchis.”


Vinita requested a song in Bollywood / Bhangra style that had to include the dentist-visit-related lyrics “I wore cool shades”, “There’s protein in my saliva”, and “My teeth were media-blasted”. Quite a challenge! It became “Sanjay’s Dentist Appointment”:


Steve Dobkins from Fort Worth, Texas requested a song called “I Drug My Rope Through the Cow Pasture”, saying “feel free to improvise” for the genre. We couldn’t resist country-ing it up (we also changed the conjugation to “Dragging”, which Steve forgave us for).


Joanne Fong (http://www.plurk.com/engnr_chik) from San Francisco, CA challenged us to make a song based on this photo. Here’s the result – a tale of a dubiously heroic canine vs. a possessed… well, you’ll just have to listen to “Dog Saves the Day” by The New Old Men:


Breanne Kato from California (who sadly doesn’t plurk anymore – come back, Breanne!) requested a reggae number about Pete, her “algae-eating aquarium fish” who “couldn’t care less that Skeletor the goldfish [his previous aquarium roommate] is dead.” Karl Eifrig (whom I collaborate with as The New Old Men) obliged:


And Panchitah from Los Angeles, CA asked for a tribute to a Plurk error message we used to occasionally see a while back – the dreaded “an unknown error has occurred” showing in the timeline. Fortunately, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen that error! An 8-bit Apple II computer was used to make this one.


I should mention that while some of my plurk friends are people I already knew in the “real world”, all of the people above I became friends with through Plurk. It’s because of Plurk that I know these fun people and that these songs exist. Thanks, Plurk!

Written by Josh Lawrence from California. He currently plurks at http://plurk.com/joshlawrence

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