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A little update

October 19, 2010

It’s been a while since we last updated our blog. We thought some of you might be interested to know more about what we have been up to, our grand plan for the future and when we are going to give out free karma points (never!)

Thanks to you, Plurk has grown steadily ever since it launched two years ago. Having spent zero money on marketing, we greatly appreciate the power of word of mouth our passionate users have given out. Watching our traffic grow makes old farts like us giggle happily. Every time. As the viral effect grows, it is important we work hard to make sure the site is up and as responsive as always. For that we want to apologize if you have enjoyed less than satisfactory experience lately. It will get better, trust us.

Here are some self-absorbing charts you didn’t ask for.

Simultaneously, we have also been working on some cool stuff which shall remain confidential for now. Christmas is still two months away.

I also want to take this opportunity to discuss one of the questions we have gotten a lot lately – how is Plurk going to make money? Some of our users are concerned about our monetization plan, or the lack of it, and worry about Plurk’s viability and survivability in this great wild world of social networking. There were even talks about a donation pledge of some sorts (awww that is so sweet!). All I can say is we are working on this and it doesn’t involve bombarding you with obtrusive ads or selling our kidneys.

We are also expanding our Asia team with these recent new hires:

Danny Lin, Managing Director, Asia Pacific
Danny comes to us with a wealth of experience and is a well-known figure within the internet startup circle in Asia with more than 20 years experience in the online space. He was one of the founding members of Google Taiwan, working as Country Lead Product Manager for both Google Taiwan & Hong Kong markets. Danny led the effort to drive and manage all Google products in the Taiwan and Hong Kong markets as well as leading several global projects and helped to boost Google’s growth by more than 40% in Taiwan and overtook major competitors in Hong Kong within just a few months.

Prior to that, he worked for 3+ years as Head of Communications Products at Yahoo! Taiwan and led a team to launch some of the most popular web products like Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Messenger, Flickr, etc. His achievement on Yahoo! Messenger has became a legend amongst the global teams. He is also currently a guest lecturer for the Department of Information Management at Chinese Culture University (文化大學).

Chengda, Developer
Chengda worked for Gigamedia (Funtown) as a Manager in R&D department before joining Plurk. He has 10+ years worth of experience in internet technologies, ISP services and the casual game industry. At Gigamedia, he designed and developed a UNIX-based platform for casual games and led the design of a “micro-transaction system” to assist virtual currency transactions. He also designed a virtual reward system to support virtual item campaigns for online games. He also developed an auto-provisioning system and network management system for ADSL & Cable Modem services. In a nutshell, he builds awesome infrastructure for social gaming platform.

Victor Lin, Developer
Victor fell in love with programming in junior high school. He also fell in love with Plurk. After he submitted a patch to a project Amir was working on, we asked him to be our intern developer. He majors in software engineering. He also designed, built, and currently runs a free online radio platform web-site http://now.in. He likes to hack on open source projects when he’s not busy working with us. You may find some of his codes on his blog or Bitbucket profile.

We are always looking to fill the team with awesome hires. If you know someone, or if you are THE ONE, send us an email.

Here’s the No-Bullshit summary: Plurk traffic is going up. The Plurk team is expanding. We are aggressively hiring. We are still not profitable. We are working on our monetization offerings. We are sorry for the recent uptime performance. I still like cheesecake.

Thank you for plurking.

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