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happy one year plurking!

August 19, 2010

I was at my friends house that time when I knew about Plurk. I was curious about it, but at first I did not really get how that (Plurk) website works.  Because it was really different. Maintaning a Karma and getting Karma points, getting to scroll it horizontally.  Then finally I made an account. At first I was not really into it, then I started plurking more. Even though at that time I only have at least less than 10 friends. And there was only one who was responding from plurks.

One thing I love about Plurk is the emoticons. Especially the banana emoticon. I love it! It’s so cute 🙂

Many things happened because of Plurk. Well, it really helped a lot to get close to my crush 🙂 Really it did. It was one of the way I talk to him. Haha. Now, yeah we’re doing OKAY ;). But not all are good ones. My two friends got into a fight because of their conversation at their Plurks. It was sort of misunderstanding.

Now, it would be almost a year I’m using Plurk. I’m happy having these social website. I won’t get tired of using it.

Thanks. Keep it up Plurk 🙂

written by Jamie Matienzo, 17, from Pasig, Philippines. http://www.plurk.com/akosijamiehaha

Posted by alvin
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