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August 8, 2010

Dear Plurk/Plurk Team,

I love plurk. I am able to connect with my friends through this social networking site! Plus, I love it’s cute, fun and unique layout! The timeline idea is GENIUS. I enjoy scrolling the timeline and check what my friends are doing so I am updated with their lives.

Plurk helps me a lot when it comes to communication with my friends whom I only see once a year. There’s this summer camp of a certain oraganization and I was invited as a guest. I made a lot of friends there but unfortunately, I only get to hang out with them every summer camp which only happens once a year. Then, when I learned that they have plurk accounts… I WAS SO HAPPY! Until now I am updated with their lives and we are able to strengthen our relationships with each other. Distance isn’t much of a problem now because of plurk 🙂

Summer doesn’t seem so boring too because of plurk. I am able to talk to my friends and we always have fun conversations here 🙂 As a matter of fact, we’ve made so many LOL moments here! (lmao) *hahaha*

I am now currently in the Karma 100 Club and no, I am not leaving plurk just because I’ve reached the highest karma. I’ve so much fun here and I’ve had so many relationships strengthened here. I love plurk and I’m having so much fun! CONGRATS PLURK!


written by Frances Vista, 16 from Philippines. http://www.plurk.com/Chinleli

Posted by alvin
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