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A Plurky wedding

August 23, 2010

Last week, I was invited to a wedding. A three hour train ride up to Newcastle from London later, and I was able to watch Danni and John tie the knot (and be a witness! SQUEE)!

Why is this significant, I hear you bleat? Well, it’s because I met these two on Plurk some time ago, and now love both of them very dearly. Danni and John met on Second Life before Plurk existed, so they truly are an internet couple. What did we do after the wedding, the invisible voice in my head asks again? Well, we dined on pizza, drank too many alcopops (or that might have been just me), ate up the Portal-themed wedding cake, and played Rock Band, where I *ahem* “treated” the newly-married couple with an awful rendition of Still Alive. A fantastic day (but not for those who heard me sing).

Plurk friends of either Danni or John have been able to watch their relationship blossom from the very first plurks about it (and all the cuteness in between), to the announcement of their engagement and subsequent marriage on here.

I thank Plurk for introducing me to them, and wish them many, many years of purple-tinted happiness.

Posted by Rammi

happy one year plurking!

August 19, 2010

I was at my friends house that time when I knew about Plurk. I was curious about it, but at first I did not really get how that (Plurk) website works. ย Because it was really different. Maintaning a Karma and getting Karma points, getting to scroll it horizontally. ย Then finally I made an account. At first I was not really into it, then I started plurking more. Even though at that time I only have at least less than 10 friends. And there was only one who was responding from plurks.

One thing I love about Plurk is the emoticons. Especially the banana emoticon. I love it! It’s so cute ๐Ÿ™‚

Many things happened because of Plurk. Well, it really helped a lot to get close to my crush ๐Ÿ™‚ Really it did. It was one of the way I talk to him. Haha. Now, yeah we’re doing OKAY ;). But not all are good ones. My two friends got into a fight because of their conversation at their Plurks. It was sort of misunderstanding.

Now, it would be almost a year I’m using Plurk. I’m happy having these social website. I won’t get tired of using it.

Thanks. Keep it up Plurk ๐Ÿ™‚

written by Jamie Matienzo, 17, from Pasig, Philippines. http://www.plurk.com/akosijamiehaha

Posted by alvin

Plurk makes summer cool

August 8, 2010

Dear Plurk/Plurk Team,

I love plurk. I am able to connect with my friends through this social networking site! Plus, I love it’s cute, fun and unique layout! The timeline idea is GENIUS. I enjoy scrolling the timeline and check what my friends are doing so I am updated with their lives.

Plurk helps me a lot when it comes to communication with my friends whom I only see once a year. There’s this summer camp of a certain oraganization and I was invited as a guest. I made a lot of friends there but unfortunately, I only get to hang out with them every summer camp which only happens once a year. Then, when I learned that they have plurk accounts… I WAS SO HAPPY! Until now I am updated with their lives and we are able to strengthen our relationships with each other. Distance isn’t much of a problem now because of plurk ๐Ÿ™‚

Summer doesn’t seem so boring too because of plurk. I am able to talk to my friends and we always have fun conversations here ๐Ÿ™‚ As a matter of fact, we’ve made so many LOL moments here! (lmao) *hahaha*

I am now currently in the Karma 100 Club and no, I am not leaving plurk just because I’ve reached the highest karma. I’ve so much fun here and I’ve had so many relationships strengthened here. I love plurk and I’m having so much fun! CONGRATS PLURK!


written by Frances Vista, 16 from Philippines. http://www.plurk.com/Chinleli

Posted by alvin
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