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At first I taught plurk was just another micro-blogging tools aside from Twitter…

July 22, 2010

Hi there! Plurk has been a essential role model for me and I would like to share on how Plurk shaped and transformed my life.

At first I taught plurk was just another micro-blogging tools aside from Twitter…but I was wrong, on 9th Oct 2009, I joined Plurk and began exploring the world of Plurk.

Plurk gives me the opportunity to share ideas, learn new stuffs which I cannot experience it from other tools. I learn how to communicate and keep in touch with my friends!

As a student/freelance designer and a programmer, I often offer my help to design some Plurk layouts for my friends. I would update my plurk with announcements when my new design was out. My plurk friends was always supportive and their would share their ideas, critiques and comments so I could improve my skills.

Plurk has opened its doors to a whole new level and It has taught me valuable experience and knowledge, getting to know friends from plurk helps me to improve myself and also learning their cultures, language and their lifestyle.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank Plurk for bringing us this wonderful tool! Without you, I won’t be as successful as I am today! I hope you continue to grow and to be the best micro-blogging site in the world. All the best and Good Luck!

Regards from Kendrick, Malaysia
(Now studying in Australia)

written by Kendrick, 22 from Melbourne, Australia. http://www.plurk.com/house88kend

Posted by alvin
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