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From Winnipeg with love

July 15, 2010

Hi! I read your plurk entry about sharing love to plurk, “plurky stories”. So I grabbed this opportunity to share my story with you guys.

I am now in Winnipeg, Canada. Our family migrated here last January 2010 from the Philippines. It was very hard specially for me to move here because all my friends were in the Philippines. I don’t know anyone here and we’re like starting life all over again.

I am very close to my brods and sisses from our organization, The CPS Triangle. I always chat with them about anything under the sun. I am always updated with the new gossips about everyone. So, being here made me so lonely, and envious because they’re all together. I really miss them.

But thank God there’s Plurk! Using plurk is like talking with them about anything. All the new gossips and updates about them were all there. We teased each other there, did heart-to-heart talks through private plurk, and shared our happiness and sadness with everyone. I still have the chance to bond with them. That way, my feeling to be with them, in a way, lessen. So thank you Plurk.

I hope you continue doing great things here in Plurk. Good luck and more power.

written by boodz, 20, from Winnipeg, Canada. http://www.plurk.com/vidamay08

Posted by alvin
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