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I love Plurk !

July 5, 2010


Yes, I love Plurk ! And most of Taiwan’s Plurkers would probably say the same: 我愛噗浪 !

噗浪 (sounds similar to ’pu-laun’, laundry without ’dry’), the Chinese name of Plurk, was possibly translated by initial users according to its pronunciation and then officially recognized and used in common. It has, no doubt,   become the most popular micro-blogging tool in Taiwan, and the rest of you may be aware of that Taiwan has taken the Plurk’s No.1 place in terms of traffic volume and number of users. No matter how big the other SMS products are all over the world, Plurk is still the favorite here!

July 1, 2009, I registered Plurk. And today, one year later, I’m here to confirm what has come to my mind… As you may see the Picture* I pasted above, it’s just what I exactly feel about it! Looking at these fascinating and unique creatures, each of them is cute and special. But they do exchange ideas, information, or even innovations over the community. No matter what, they share values, sorrows and happiness altogether.  So, I come up to get known new stuff and make new friends. Plurking has become essential for everyone in everyday!

In Taiwan, I guess the importance of Plurk is now something more than Facebook, Twitter, or local blog services would be. And the users among us would seldom use MSN, or even ignore those messengers because of Plurk. It’s hard to say in detail why Plruk is so popular here, but almost everyone uses it, takes the most advantage of it for any purposes you may think of. It’s neat, easy, user-friendly as well as multi-functional. Not only to put words, make a hyperlink, but to upload and/or post a picture; or share a YouTube video with a click!

The Timeline designed, which I may write another page for it next time, is also the key function making it powerful and value-added. If we say the Internet is the best place to learn and share, then Plurk is the best tool for it!

BTW, it’s July 1st.. and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to CANADA ! !
We appreciate you guys making such great services possible from there…  ^^

*The Picture:
I adopted it from the Plurk official site as it appears at this moment,
and fixed it a little bit to make it perfect for this picture story.

Written by alanbird, from Taipei, Taiwan, http://www.plurk.com/alanbird

Posted by alvin
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