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Introducing the Plurk Collaborative Translation Project – Help Us Bring Plurk to your Language

June 28, 2008

You Plurkers are truly great people :)

A few weeks ago, we asked our community to help us translate our base list of qualifiers/verbs into a number of other languages and no sooner than a few hours after publishing our post, we had complete translations for half the requested languages on the list! Now, we are finding that Plurk is something that people from all walks of life, and hundreds of countries, are coming to embrace and the numbers speak for themselves: roughly HALF of all qualifiers used to date are in languages other than English!

Of course, Plurkers kept asking us why we stopped the translation project to just the qualifiers. The truth is, we never stopped–we went back, put our heads together, and discussed the best way to bring Plurk to a wider audience of non-English readers as quickly as possible. Two weeks later, and voila, the Plurk Collaborative Translation Project is born!

The Plurk Collaborative Translation Project (PCTP) is our way of getting Plurkers involved in bringing Plurk to everyone in the world in as many languages as possible. If you love Plurk, and speak, read and write fluently in another language other than English, why not consider joining our project to help make Plurk more accessible to those around you. We’ve made it super easy, and super fun and like everything else on Plurk, we’ll aim to build a great community around all those involved in the PCTP. We’ll even share a small token of our appreciation to thank those involved in bringing Plurk to the people the world over. (And who knows, it might even raise your Karma!)

We started Plurk to revive a conversational spirit around the little things that make up everyone’s lives. One month in, and we are doing a-ok but we know that great conversation doesn’t just happen in English. So let’s help eliminate the language barrier and get everyone in on the fun!

Play + Work. It’s universal. And thanks to your efforts, soon Plurk will be too.

Click here to find out more about Plurk’s Collaborative Translation Project and how you can get involved.

Posted by akan
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